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Grasshopper _ Point Distance / Circle Radii

This building-block script is intended to set up a parametric relationship between variable-controlled objects.

List of Dependencies:

number series –> point grid –> referenced Rhino point –> distances between points –> circle radii

Psuedo Script:

  1.  develop a series of numbers for both the X and Y axes
  2.  cross reference the point component to build the grid
  3.  set a point from Rhino (point parameter)
  4.  calculate the distances between set point and every point in the grid
  5.  divide the distances a desired amount to control solution space
  6.  divide grid spacing by 2 to determine the maximum circle radius (to prevent overlap)
  7.  place a circle at every point in the grid
  8.  set radius for each circle based on the set of distance values
  9.  move referenced point for pattern variation (Rhino)

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Download the Grasshopper definition  (Version 0.8.0010)

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